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The forests of the tropics are not only disappearing,

they are also growing, fast.

Come along to raise them!

Ecological forest farming

Ever wondered what you could do to save the world’s biodiversity?

If you have been thinking this,

we might have one good suggestion for you. Join our project and buy your own piece (half hectare) of tropical forest.



1. Growing a tropical valuable tree, even as long as it produces seeds, let alone as an adult member of a tropical forest, requires several years of commitment to growing activities. Sure, you can join for a year at a time, but at this time we don't promise significant growth results for your title tree yet.


2. Because we strive for the most natural care possible, it is possible that your growing tree will die, for example, due to drought. There is no irrigation on our farm. Instead of a dead tree, we promise to plant a new tree as long as you commit to growing it by paying your annual fee.


3. Other risks to the success of your tree species are local plant diseases and pests. We do not use non-mechanical and biological pesticides and means on our farm, so this risk is also real. Again, we promise to plant a new tree to replace the dead tree as long as you commit to growing it by paying your annual fee.


4. This same promise also applies in the event of forest fires and sabotage.


5. Everyone is welcome to visit our farm at any time of the year only and get to know their own title tree as well as expressive.


6. All trees shall be planted in an area of ​​a forest holding owned by the Nicame Forest Cooperative in Nicaragua. A thank you card delivered to the buyer of each tree will also be mailed from Nicaragua. It can sometimes take several weeks for this card to arrive in Finland. We apologize for this, but we can do nothing about it. This will not incur any additional costs for you as a subscriber, but this is included in the price of the tuition fee.



The customer of the online store has the right to cancel the transaction within 14 days of receiving the order in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. This cancellation will not incur any additional costs for the subscriber: However, we will not proceed with the seedlings to the actual planting work until the two-week waiting period is over.



The online store operates on the domestic Holvi platform. All of the store's operations are handled by Holv's online store professionals. The name and address information required to deliver the order will be requested with each purchase.



We will not disclose customer information to third parties unless required to do so by law. The companies involved in the transmission of payments and the maintenance of e-commerce software are professional operators and take care of data security. The contact information is stored on Vault's professionally maintained server. We do not process payment information, such as account numbers or payment card numbers.

  • Registrar: Nicametsäosuuskunta osk, Antti Pelttari

  • Information to be entered in the register: Customer's contact information according to the customer's notification.

  • Use of the register: The customer register is used to deliver orders to the customer and to clarify possible warranty returns. With the consent of the customer, marketing messages can be sent to him.

  • Record Keeping: Customer information is stored in an order database maintained by Holv, which is located in a locked state on professionally maintained servers.

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